The Boost Spacer could be a great help, if you have 2 or more bike which have 15mm thru axle systems, and you need to carry both 15x100mm and 15x110mm bikes without changing the fork mount on your bike rack! Simple insert your skewer through your fork and 15mm fork mount, then when the bike [...]


As the demand of the double bike racks has been keep growing, and many customers have been requested, we created the 2 Front Wheel Holder, which works with the Elite 2 and Pro 2 racks. It comes with a deck, 1 TreeFrog vacuum cup, placed at the center, 2 front wheel holders, which could carry [...]


The Trilogy 15x110mm is designed to work with 15mm Boost system suspension forks and installs quickly and easily on your fork before loading it onto your rack. Simply remove your wheel from your front fork, slip your 15x110mm boost axle through the Fork Up, install as you would your wheel and tighten your QR skewer [...]


If you’re using your rack to carrying your fatbike with the TreeFrog 9mm quick release fork mount, you simple place the 15/150mm through axles, and clamp it into the standard QR Fork Mount and you’re ready to mount your fatbike.


If you’re using you rack to carry some bikes with quick release front wheels and some with 20/110mm through axles, you should probably use this rather than our dedicated 20mm Fork Mount. Clamp it into the standard QR Fork Mount and you’re ready to mount your bike.


The L1 front wheel holder is a perfect additional accessory to carry your front wheel on the roof, attached to your rear wheel holder from your bike rack. The L1 comes with one cup, so you have to use your bike rack rear wheel holder vacuum cup, to complete the set. It could carry 9mm quick [...]